This company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, insures Akila Group's presence in the area with an operational focus on efficient procurement of agricultural products such as rice, desiccated coconut, pepper, soya bean meal, corn and other animal feed products in containers.

Akila Holdings Inc.

Flava Foods cc

Established in 2007, Flava Foods is essentially Akila Trading’s branch in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The company stocks and trades in bulk and pre-packed rice of all varieties, sugar, beans, desiccated coconut, lentils, popcorn and split peas. Rice varieties include parboiled rice, white rice, fragrant rice (also known as jasmine or bhimri) and short grain sushi rice (also known as japonica). The warehouse is ideally located in Selby, Johannesburg to feed the Gauteng area.

Deliveries are also arranged on request.

Akila Trading (Pty) Ltd

The company has it's own operations in Durban and Cape Town, where it stocks and trades in all types of rice, sugar, groundnuts, seeds, lentils, beans, spices and edibles such as desiccated coconut, onion, garlic, etc..

The above products are primarily for local and regional consumption.

The company mainly exports non-basmati and non-fragrant rice from India. It also exports Indian millets and spices such as red chilies, chilly powder, turmeric powder, fennel seed, cumin seed etc.

The company has recently diversified into the export of dried onion products such as onion flakes, onion mince and onion powder and has established this line in Europe as well as South Africa.

In the export markets the company is always on the lookout to develop more product lines related to its field of business. It has been company's constant endeavour to create niche markets for specialized agricultural products and has done so with a fair degree of success. An area of development has been organic foods from India, which the company is developing at the farm level, in order to achieve the desired results.



The company imports beans and pulses such as light speckled and red kidney beans, whole toor, whole moong etc. The company is also looking for opportunities to expand into various other products for import to India.

Akila Trading (P) Ltd

This company is the export and import arm of the group concentrating in the export and import of various agricultural commodities as highlighted below.

Akila Trading Exportadora e Importadora Ltda  

Trading as AKILA BRASIL. Established in 2009, the company is based in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil and is the presence of the Akila Group in Latin America.

The company is involved in the imports of beans and manages its distribution in the local market.



Focuses on the procurement and export of agricultural commodities from Brazil and the region, specifically all types of rice, sugar and beans in 50kg bags as well as pre-packs with any brand.